Dear Parents, We are happy to inform you that we will be celebrating all our mothers on Friday 25th March, 2022. We would like that you and your child/ren wear the same outfit on this day to depict our ‘Twinning with Mum’ activity. We have 
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The end of term assessment for the Lent term began this week on Monday 21st March and would last till Monday 28th March, 2022. We wish all our pupils a successful end of term assessment!
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It’s World Maths Day!!!For all Math lovers, it’s about to get Mathematical! World Maths Day is an international celebration of mathematics coordinated by 3P Learning (the makers of Mathletics). Since 2007, every 23rd of March Maths is celebrated every year to make the subject exciting 
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COBIS and Mangahigh Maths challenge is an online competition that engages children aged 5-16 with Maths through a fun, games-based learning approach. To prepare for the competition and make children get used to the game platform terrain, children have been assigned practice questions. All our 
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The Spelling Bee competition comes up on Friday, 28th of January 2022. Pupils are expected to practice their spellings to prepare them for the event. We appreciate our parents and their support to encourage the pupils to practice for the competition at home. KS 1, 
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This week the pupils would explore the Robotics aspect of STEM. The mission of National Robotics Week (RoboWeek) is simple: to inspire Hampton Preparatory School pupils in robotics and STEM related fields, and share the excitement of robotics across all ages. At the same time 
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